Welcome to my outcast world!

My name is Fatima Gerendas and I’m a singer-songwriter from Guatemala based in Vienna/Europe. I’ve been an outcast my whole life, but I learned to embrace my otherness with all the edges and unique qualities that I have. Because of this otherness, though, it was easy to feel like an outcast. But my migration, my cultural background and my latin roots taught me that it is not a weakness to be different.

If we would learn to accept each other for who we are, all the different reasons for feeling like an outcast would cease to exist. I decided to write songs about this in order to make a difference – to bring awareness of the difficulties of being an outcast. Through strong, sociocritical lyrics and through a “cinematic” sound with various influences, I want to encourage all of you:
Be true – be you, and be open to people who are different from you!