Welcome to my outcast world!

My name is Fatima Gerendas and I’m a singer-songwriter from Guatemala based in Vienna/Europe. I’ve been an outcast my whole life, but I learned to embrace my otherness with all the edges and unique qualities that I have. My migration, my cultural background and my latin roots taught me that it is not a weakness to be different. All the situations I’ve gone through have taught me a lot and helped me be not only a better person but a better musician and songwriter.

As a singer-songwriter I write music in very different genres. I’ve done projects in Guatemala and Austria and I’ve learned a lot from them. I launched an album in Guatemala 2012 and an EP in Vienna 2020. I also brought out many different songs, both, in Guatemala and Vienna and some of them got into rotation in Radios. In Guatemala some of my songs got to the Top 10 of pop radios and in Vienna one song got into FM4 and got played in rotation in summer 2016. Right now I am working on a concept album that is meant to come out next year 2024. I am also working on some songs for synching.